Projects and Skills

Microsoft Expression 3

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 / 2008 / 2010

Microsoft SQL Server

Joomla 1.5


Adobe Flash


Embeded Flash Objects

Use the gray arrows to move through the images. The slide
show will start from the beginning when you reach the end.

Silverlight Deep Zoom Composer

In Progress
Click on the picture and use your mouse wheel to zoom in or zoom out.
When you view an image created in Deep Zoom Composer in a browser, the browser downloads only the portion of the image that you are actually viewing on your screen at that time, and at a resolution appropriate to the scale of the image. Downloading only part of the image data at a time decreases the time it takes to load the image and optimizes the viewing experience. Read More from MSDN
This information is from Microsoft and the creators of Deep Zoom.

Javascript Lightbox

Click on the link below. A new window will appear on the current one. the photos will be displayed one at a time. To advance to the next picture, simply click on the right or left half of the picture, or use the buttons near the top right / left of the picture. The buttons will appear when you move your mouse to the top right / left hand corner of the image.
Cabinet Cabinet Cabinet Cabinet

These images are from a project created by Lionheart Redesigns in McKinney, Texas. They specialize in home remodeling.